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Overseas Projects

Sambo Building
Busan, South Korea

Busan is the second largest city in Korea with a population of approximately 4 million people. This coastal city is home to Mr. Park's Korean real estate development and properties management office. The five story complex houses tenants such as Pizza Hut and Saab/Cadillac auto dealership among several others.

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Shinchang Dong Complex
Busan, South Korea

The Shinchang Dong Nail and Cosmetic Complex is located in the trendy shopping district called Shinchang Dong Village in Busan, South Korea. Another tenant in this complex operates a lady's clothing store.

Currently under construction is a four tower, 361 unit project, with three of the towers being zoned residential and one zoned as retail. The tallest of the towers is a staggering 38 stories and will house an elaborate underground parking structure located beneath the entire site. Much of the three residential towers are in their completed framing stage with concrete floors and concrete columns.

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Ori Hi-Mart Building
Bundang, South Korea

There are two commercial buildings owned by Mr. Park located in the city of Bundang, a booming satellite city of Seoul. One of the buildings, a two story complex, is leased to "Hi-Mart" a national electronics store (equivalent to "Best Buy" in the U.S.). This property is in the heart of Bundang city, strategically locataed along the main boulevard. Its prime location leaves high potential for development of the site.

The second commercial building is located across the street from the "Hi-Mart" store. It is a five story tower which houses tenants such as Pizza Hut, KFC, E-Tank Learning Center and also houses a restaurant and a pub. The building sits on a 1/2 acre lot with parking lot located on the first floor. Mr. Park purchased both parcels of land as the city was just beginning to develop and now the properties have grown exponentially in value as the city has become a full fledged urban center.

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Riverside Oonishi Building
Osaka, Japan

Mr. Park recently purchased a nine story commercial building near the famous Dotonbori Bridge in Osaka, Japan. Each floor houses one tenant, consisting of food and beverage operations.

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The Seoul Building
Seoul, South Korea

Located in the heart of the financial district of Seoul, South Korea, this two story glass building faces one of the most famous boulevards in the capital city. The building houses one of the few Saab and Cadillac auto dealerships in Seoul. It sits on approximately 1/2 acre of land with a 5000 square feet parking lot located behind the building.

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